Do your sports vouchers/sports benefit expire during 2019?

If you answered yes, you better read our suggestions below!

If you answered no, you should still read our suggestions below!

Here are the suggestions, how to use your sports vouchers:

  1. Get yourself a Christmas gift card for Runner’s High event, coaching and lactate testing services.
  • Runner’s High: running courses 2020: running schools, half marathon -school and running technique clinics. We will add more courses all the time and the courses run through the year.
  • Lactate testing: Book a time now, or use the gift card to book the test later on 2020.

2. Register in one of our events: (for example Helsinki10, Helsinki Half Marathon, Helsinki Marathon) More event can be found here!

Get your gift card here!

Contact: for more information!

Have a great December 2019!